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1. What is Crave Essence and what is so good about it?

Crave Essence was created in 2010 as Chef Matt Faucher had an idea that he felt would help positively affect people while utilizing his skills and knowledge acquired over his 18 years experience. Crave Essence was made in order to offer customers a whole new way to look at eJuice. Chef Matt saw that a lot of eJuice products currently on the market had unnecessary chemicals and additives and wanted to offer the purest eJuice possible for our customers by minimizing the ingredient list and offering a premium Organic product. The finished result was Crave Essence eJuice.  

2. What ingredients are in Crave Essence’s eJuice?

Our ingredient list is simple. We take the finest flavours extracted in USDA Organic Ethyl Alcohol and combine them with USDA Organic Vegetable Glycerin with your choice of preferred VG based nicotine strength. These strengths are 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.
*There is absolutely no Propylene Glycol present in our eJuice unless purchasing tobacco flavours which do have trace amounts. All of our flavours are purchased specifically as they do not contain Diacetyl.*
3. Who Should Use Crave Essence’s eJuice?

Our eJuice is best suited for people who enjoy fantastic flavours, those who are mindful of what is in the ingredient list, and for those that can appreciate hand-mixed artisan eJuice. We do not add any sweeteners, sugars, food colourings, or propylene glycol to our mixes. Over the years it has been brought to our attention that PG sensitivity/allergy is a real thing, ranging from headaches to breakouts and rashes. If you experience this yourself, you may want to give Crave Essence’s eJuice a try as it may offer a better alternative.
4. Is Organic eJuice really better for you? Are there any benefits?

Taking the Organic approach with vaping may mean more than you’d think! After doing a lot of research over the years, you would be surprised at all of the hidden chemicals and strange ingredients used to create those tasty flavours. Take a look here to see Castoreum, taken from animals to commonly create your favourite Vanilla, Raspberry or Strawberry flavours. This is an example of an ingredient used to produce artificial flavourings... you will not find any of that here!
Aside from the above statement, by using Organic flavourings Chef Matt is able to utilize the raw flavour of the ingredient to create more complex recipes using single flavour notes that are not easily replicated with artificial flavourings. Having such control over each recipe also allows for the eJuice to vape "cleaner" as it does not contain extra particles such as sweeteners and/or other additives that lead to more frequent changing (gunking) of your coils.
The best benefit of all is the fresh, true, and unique taste of Crave Essence eJuices!
5. Do I need to step Crave Essence eJuice & if so for how long?

On average our eJuice is currently steeped for approximately 1 week prior to its arrival at your door. As soon as you open your package feel free to quickly fill up your tank, but do keep in mind that fruitier flavours steep quicker whereas if you order a creamier or “thicker” flavour, it may require an additional day with the dropper out to decant like a fine wine… to perfection.
6. How do I create an account on CraveEssence.com?

You can easily create your account on our website by clicking the “My Account” tab on the very top of the page. If you wish, you can visit here directly and click on the “Create Account” button in the middle of the page. Once you enter all of your personal details along with password click “Create My Account” on the bottom, and you’re all set to log in!
7. I’ve lost my password! How do I reset it?

Hover your mouse over the “My Account” tab on the top of the front page and select “Forgot Your Password?” button and it will prompt you to enter your email address used to register the account. You will then be sent instructions to that email to reset your password. Easy as that!
8. My account information (shipping/billing/etc) is wrong. How do I change it?

Click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the page and log into your account. Under the “Manage Account” menu on the left side of the page select “Your Account Details” or “Your Address Book” and audit the current information you have entered.

9. What are Essence Coins?

Essence Coins were created to show our appreciation for your loyalty to Crave eJuice. These coins are calculated to reward you with 10 essence coins for every $1 spent. These coins can be redeemed for store credit to offer you additional discount on your purchases!

There are many ways to earn them other than your orders with us. You can view the full details on how to maximize and redeem your coins here!

10. What does shipping cost me? What is the ETA from time of purchase?

Crave Essence is based out of and ships from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. All orders receive a tracking number updated to their order upon shipment and will be shipped within 2 business days.
BC & Alberta - Our website gives a direct shipping estimate from Canada Post at checkout and tends to be in the $7-$12 area with 1-2 business day delivery time.
Central Canada (Manitoba/Ontario/Saskatchewan) - $15.00 flat-rate shipping to serve you better, with 3-4 business day delivery time.
Eastern Canada (Quebec/New Foundland/New Brunswick/Nova Scotia/PEI) - $20.00 flat-rate shipping to serve you better, with 4-7 business day delivery time.
11. Can I pay with paypal?

We do not accept paypal invoice payments at this time. Paypal has prohibited the use of the service for e-cigarettes, ejuice, and related products. Currently we offer the use of all major credit cards through our secure merchant provider as well as an Interac e-Transfer option for our Canadian customers.
12. How do I receive more information and register for a wholesale account?

To begin the process please reference FAQ #6 on how to create an account for use on our website. To then register for a wholesale account with us please visit here to fill out our wholesale membership registration form outlining your business details and estimated monthly demand. Upon approval your account will be granted access to our wholesale section for purchasing.
If you are interested in the details outlining our program feel free to email us at info@craveessence.com for more information and to have any questions happily answered!
13. Do wholesale processing and shipping speeds differ from retail purchases?

In most cases processing times do not differ. For significantly larger orders we may require additional time for processing but our team will work hard to ensure it is quickly in your hands. Your package will be shipped via Canada Post Expedited Parcel unless otherwise requested.
14.   Are there any perks or promotions for wholesale customers?

Yes there is! Wholesale customers will receive marketing material to help move product and advertise. On top of this, every new flavour or line that is released will be sent to sample free of charge in your next order. 


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